All My Books/Reading Order

Here is my Amazon author page. You can also find available bundle sets there for the books below.

Chick Lit

*The Single Wide Female books feature character, Samantha (Sammy) Bradford. The short holiday books listed here first could be read any time after the first 1-6 of the bucket list books.

*Alex in Onederland and The Bride Tribe series could be read/started at any time, but there is a fun intersection of the characters, Samantha and then Alex if the series are read in order as below.

Single Wide Female Holiday Books 

Single Wide Female Holiday Bundle (4 Books)

Sammy’s Christmas List
My Valentine’s Day
St. Paddy’s Day Disaster
A Bunny Tale

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List Mega Bundle – 24 Books (Books 1-24)

#1 Learn Pole Dancing
#2 Start a Blog
#3 Learn to Cook
#4 Create a Masterpiece
#5 Run a Marathon
#6 Go Skinny Dipping
#7 Start Online Dating
#8 Learn Yoga
#9 Be a Mentor
#10 Crash a Wedding
#11 Be a Movie Extra
#12 Join a Writing Group
#13 Enjoy a Spa Day
#14 Donate Blood
#15 Learn Poker
#16 Get a Tattoo
#17 Host a Dinner Party
#18 Publish a Book

**After this book, character Sammy publishes “Becoming Zara” and starts publishing her “B.I.G. Girls Club” series. These books could be read at any point from here on.

#19 Walk Across Hot Coals
#20 Learn to Swim
#21 Learn to Meditate
#22 Quit My Job
#23 Learn to Salsa
#24 Fall in Love

Single Wide Female in Love

Single Wide Female in Love Complete Bundle (Books 1-4)

#1 The Date
#2 The Girlfriend
#3 The Fiancée
#4 The Wife

Single Wide Female Travels

Single Wide Female Travels Bundle (Books 1-8)

#1 Sammy in France
#2 Sammy in Italy
#3 Sammy in Holland
#4 Sammy in England
#5 Sammy in Ireland
#6 Sammy in Thailand
#7 Sammy in Bali
#8 Sammy in Japan

Single Wide Female & Family

Single Wide Female & Family Bundle (Books 1-3)

#1 Eating for Two
#2 Baby on Board
#3 Toddler in Tow

Single Wide Female: Happily Ever After

#1 Christmas Down Under

Books by character, Samantha Bradford:

Becoming Zara

B.I.G. Girls Club

The Rockstar’s Girlfriend
The Former Model (Coming Soon)

**Character, Alex, in the series below is first introduced in Christmas Down Under (Single Wide Female: Happily Ever After), but this series stands on it’s own and you could begin at any time.

Alex in Onederland

Alex in Onederland Bundle (Books 1-6)

#1 Common Grounds
#2 The D Word
#3 Forty & Fabulous
#4 Empty Nest
#5 On the Run
#6 Ready for Love

The Bride Tribe

**FUN FACT: Main character, Hanna’s good friend Blu in this series, is the very same Blu Parker in the Cozy Mystery series listed below. If you are reading that series, it takes place before The Bride Tribe. (but could also be read after)

#1 Hanna the Bride
#2 Something Blue
#3 Something New
#4 Something Old
#5 Something Borrowed
#6 Here Comes the Bride

Sweet Romance

Forty and Free

Forty and Free Bundle (Books 1 – 8)

To Love Again
To Trust Again
To Hope Again
To Try Again
To Thrill Again
To Dream Again
To Feel Again
To Live Again

Cozy Mystery

Summer in Diamond Bay: A Nanny Blu Cozy Mystery

Summer in Diamond Bay Complete Bundle (Books 1-5)

#1 Lifeguards and Liars
#2 Sandcastles and Secrets
#3 Ice Cream and Intrigue
#4 Hot Dogs and Homicide
#5 Clambakes and Chaos