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#1 Learn Pole Dancing

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List #1

About This Book

Pole dancing – that’s it. I can do that. I used to be a gymnast as a kid. Well I used to run around in the garden with a long ribbon pretending I was a gymnast during the Olympics…that’s just the same, right?

Well, I just need to tone up a little and lose that last, ahem, thirty pounds. I know, I know, But hey I’ve lost seventy-pounds already so give me a break! I’ll tell you what though – it’s not been easy. There’s temptation everywhere, and the slimmer I get, the temptation is morphing from cup cakes into men. Or maybe cup cake covered men? mmmm.

Oops, sorry about that. Anyways, I need to lose another thirty pounds and I just know that pole dancing is the answer – then watch out world. Or more in particular, watch out if you’re a single guy – I have cup cakes and I know how to use them.

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