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#18 Publish a Book

Single Wide Female: The Bucket List #18

About This Book

It’s the small victories that make life special. That’s why every time I’d lose a pound of weight on all my previous diets I’d do a lap of honor around the kitchen, then have a cake to celebrate. My Mom wasn’t impressed by that.

“You have to keep going,” she would say. “Consistency is essential for success.”

And I have to be honest, up until now the only area in which I’ve been consistent (world class consistency, may I add ) is in my ability to locate ever more delicious and high calorie treats. I think this is a failing on my part—there’s a lot of other areas in my life I would like to be consistent about. And one of them is?

Writing. I would love to write a book, but I fear getting to the third page, becoming bored with it, and moving on to another challenge. You see, it’s easy to spend a day at a cooking class, or a yoga class or—whatever. You get the idea. Not so easy to commit months of time, effort and thought to a book.

Hmmm, I think I’ll need to have a long think about this one.

Introducing “Becoming Zara” and the “B.I.G. Girls Club” by Samantha Bradford:

Becoming Zara