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Hot Dogs and Homicide

Summer in Diamond Bay, Book 4

About This Book

Nanny Blu loves to take the kids to the lighthouse in Diamond Bay. There’s a bit of history inside, the view is gorgeous and the kids love to eat the hot dogs from the stand out front.

On one particular ordinary lighthouse visiting day, while strolling through the exhibits inside, screams erupt and Blu hurries the children away just as she sees a body being covered outside.

Why a man would jump to his death is the disturbing initial question in Blu’s mind, but after she finds herself involved once again in one of Chief Pitman’s cases, the real question becomes one of a murder.

Blu’s mind is consumed with young lovers and talk of cheating spouses and all the while she can hardly breathe when the Chief’s nephew, AJ, looks at her the way he does.

She’s become used to taking chances when it comes to murder mysteries and finding answers, but with love? That’s a mystery she’d not at all sure she’s ready to tackle, but she is one for taking chances…

This book is available in paperback.
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