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Lifeguards and Liars

Summer in Diamond Bay, Book 1

About This Book

Blu Parker, nanny extraordinaire, is on a mission to make this the best summer ever for her and the two kids she cares for—something that’s not difficult to do in the sweet little beach community of Diamond Bay.

Unlike many of the other younger nannies, twenty-eight-year-old Blu hardly notices Mr. Hottie lifeguard…until she gets news of his death one morning—and then, what’s described as an accidental drowning, is all she can think about.

The local police chief is about to meet one determined young woman, who isn’t only interested in getting her summer tan. Nanny Blu’s curiosity and natural instinct for justice will have her seeking out more than play dates as she finds herself firmly involved in the middle of the investigation.

Note: This is a cozy mystery—a clean read.

This book is available in paperback.
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