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To Dream Again

Forty and Free, Book 6

About This Book

Can two people who come from totally different worlds find love with one another on the open sea?

Natasha Crawford, former model and no stranger to luxurious things, has gotten used to living life as a single mom. She’s mostly okay with no romantic interest in her life, but when her ex-husband gets remarried and then gives her a cruise as a gift, she decides that maybe the time has come for her to meet that someone special to share her life with.

Thomas Daniels spends all his time focused on the at-risk kids he teaches and little to no time at all on matters of the heart. When he wins a prize for raising the test scores of his students, he recognizes the cruise as being the trip of a lifetime—a chance to experience something that he’d never spend his hard earned dollars on himself.

When Natasha and Thomas find themselves seated at the same dinner table for the duration of the cruise, their interest in one another is instantly sparked—their attraction to one another unavoidable.

But will their romance last past the sandy shore of their final destination?

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