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To Hope Again

Forty and Free, Book 3

About This Book

Jillian Roberts enjoys her quiet house on the lake. The peacefulness that surrounds her suits her regular mediation and yoga practice. She’s created a little oasis where she can run her coaching business and enjoy the nature that’s all around her.

Feeling relaxed and happy to be back home after a beach vacation, her serenity—and her sanity—is immediately challenged by the new neighbor moving in—a new single neighbor, who’s ruggedly handsome and the most loud and obnoxious man she’s ever met.

Mateo Williams is angry when he moves into his house on the lake. The house that he bought for his now ex-wife—the house that he thought they’d grow old together in—is now a huge thorn in his side as he works tirelessly to fix it up so that he can sell it as soon as possible.

His loud music while he hammers, helps to ease his anger just a bit, that is until she shows up—his neighbor, all lovely and sweet, looking like someone he’d do well to stay away from in his declared state of bachelorhood.

Jillian is determined to make things nice between her and her loud neighbor—she needs to restore peace in her quiet home by the lake. Mateo is just as determined to ignore her every effort—until a quiet moment and a gentle kiss makes him realize that what seems to be happening between them can not easily be ignored.

This book is available in paperback.
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