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To Live Again

Forty and Free, Book 8

About This Book

Hope Taylor had almost forgotten about her childhood dream to live on a ranch one day. Like many, her life had become about climbing the corporate ladder and getting ahead financially. That is, until she found herself faced with the dreaded C word.

Cancer. It and her healing had challenged her ideas about everything she thought she needed to be happy.

It’s what led her to make the move from the big city to quiet country life where she’d meet a horse and a man that would cause her heart to be made wide open to every possibility.

Chase Andrews loved his simple life in the country where going to work every day meant caring for the animals that he’d loved all his life. Being a veterinarian meant everything to him. He had a knack for dealing with both the animals and the humble people that he helped.

He’d had some rough patches when it came to love—enough so that he wasn’t looking for romance any time soon.

At least that’s what he’d told himself—until Hope came into his life. This intriguing woman from the city seemed to have an intuitive healing touch with a sick horse named Toby and an even stronger healing effect on his heart.

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