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To Thrill Again

Forty and Free, Book 5

About This Book

Cassie Reed is used to living paycheck to paycheck—or more accurately, she’s used to squirreling away portions of the money she makes from the occasional sales of her art pieces. She knows that she’s chosen a path that hasn’t exactly been easy, but she’s an artist. Nothing else seems to come close to bringing her the happiness that creating her art does.

She’s got street smarts and is slow to trust, so when a strange guy approaches her with a proposal that includes an invitation to stay in a big fancy house across the country in California, Cassie is skeptical to say the least. But the money is hard to pass up, especially after she does a little digging online to see just who this fancy pants Mr. Morgan guy is.

Lucas Morgan is about as hardcore of a business man as can be. He’s worked tirelessly to build his empire and he doesn’t apologize for the luxurious lifestyle that his hard work has afforded him. He’s used to buying whatever he likes, no matter the cost. He is also used to women throwing themselves at him, so much so that he rarely meets one that catches his attention.

…that is until he first lays eyes on the quirky and lovely woman painting the mural in his foyer.

Now someone has his attention, but will their differences bring them together or tear them apart?

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