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To Trust Again

Forty and Free, Book 2

About This Book

Ella Brooks has known more than her share of dates since her divorce—good, bad and everything in between. She hasn’t been looking for more than fun nights out with handsome younger men, but suddenly she’s rather exhausted by it all. She’s ready to give dating a complete rest for awhile—or at least for the duration of her beach vacation anyway—in the hopes of finding something that’s been missing from her life.

Meeting Dane in Bermuda, though, will cause Ella to question everything she thinks she believes about dating and romance. Meeting Dane just might cause her to believe in true love again.

Dane Jackson, widowed architect and all-around great guy, wants to enjoy one last beach vacation with his only son before he goes off to college. The thought of being without him at home is more than what Dane has been willing to admit to himself.

Early on in his vacation, a playful game of football on the beach with his son will lead to encounter with a woman—one angry woman at that, but one who Dane suddenly can’t put out of his mind.

Both Ella and Dane have known heartache and loss when it comes to love—both have a lot to learn about trust. Can one magical week away convince them to give love another chance?

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