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To Try Again

Forty and Free, Book 4

About This Book

Angela Grayson had worked hard to transform herself from a woman who lacked confidence to someone who was confident and happy with her life. Regular meditation and numerous self-help books had led her to the realization that it was okay not to believe in fairy tales when it came to romance—that she was a strong woman, just fine on her own.

One day, a routine visit to the ATM would somehow lead Angela into the arms of police officer, Ryan Scott. To say that Angela isn’t comfortable around men with badges would be an understatement. She has a definite strong opinion about how the police conduct themselves, and she’s not at all sure that she’s ready for this opinion to be shattered—not even for the instant attraction she feels for the handsome man who came to her rescue.

Ryan Scott was proud of the uniform he wore every day. He worked long hours to keep the local community safe from the bad guys—he worked long hours to help distract him from the subtle loneliness that had crept into his life. An old-fashioned guy, Ryan did believe in fairy tales and the fact that one day he’d finally meet his wife when the time was right.

The day that Ryan happened upon the woman with the golden hair at the ATM, his emotions and instincts would go into overdrive. First, to stop a crime from occurring and second, to somehow convince this woman, who had captured his heart at first glance that they were destined to meet that day—that quite possibly she was the woman he’d been waiting for all his life.

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